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This curriculum based, arts integration production company features performances and programs highlighting African American music and history. The mission is to preserve the integrity and further an accurate historical view of African American cultural forms through creative pedagogy.
African American music traditionally has served as a kind of cultural lens through which artists reflect and make social commentary on current events. Over time, the music has evolved to fit the ever-changing needs of artists and audiences. From The Inside Out, Inc., offers a portfolio of performances and programs that chronicle aspects of the development of two idioms from this tradition – blues and jazz – widely recognized as America’s classical music. The exhibit, performance, workshops, and teacher seminars in this series give voice to those who are often ignored or missing from the American story. The offerings examine the lives of the women and men who created jazz and blues music – a testament to triumph over adversity.
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sounds of Marguerite Mariama
Jazz in Chicago --
And The Blues Too!
About The Artist
From BET to the Chicago Jazz Festival, catch these spirited, lively performances by this premiere performing artist.
In addition to her singing talents, Dr. Mariama presents an impressive portfolio of performance workshops and arts integration seminars for students and teaching professionals.